Liberator boilers

Recently more and more people are interested in finding an alternative to gas or electric heating that requires much money. Thus, a wise use of natural energy resources is becoming the main priority in the modern sphere of modern heating systems development. Not only scientists, but also producers of energy sources are concerned about this very problem.

Liberator offers you technologies of the future available right today. Boilers operating on natural fuel will surely make your home very comfortable and warm. Furthermore, they will optimize costs on maintaining industrial areas. They will also make you independent of local infrastructure, prices for public utilities and currency fluctuations. There are many reasons why you should purchase a boiler operating on firewood, sawdust or other kind of solid fuel. Here they are:

  • Efficiency. Pellet boilers produced by Liberator operate on cheap renewable fuel. Fuel availability will help you to save up to 68% of costs for heating domestic and industrial premises.
  • High productivity. Professionals of our design bureau have created effective heating systems with the efficiency factor of 95%.
  • Easy maintenance. For instance, combined boilers imply automatic fuel burning and are easy adjustable for various types of fuel. Due to the intellectual control system, Liberation boilers are easy to handle.
  • Total environmental friendliness. Pellets do not contain harmful chemical ingredients. Our engineering CO2 free projects will be great both for your health and environment.

Internet is overflowed with articles how to assemble the boiler yourself. This idea may seem very attractive to you, but you should keep in mind that the cheapness of such an appliance is its only advantage. If you want to have a reliable, safe and long-lasting heating system, it’s better to buy a solid fuel boiler made by an experienced manufacturer, which can guarantee quality of such aggregate. This purchase will be a profitable investment in your future that will be paid off in 3-4 heating seasons.


Liberator – innovation and competency

We have been developing an alternative energy market for more than 10 years. Liberator can be proud of creating numerous innovations and exclusive projects by our own design bureau. Our specialists keep in mind all demands of Ukrainian consumers, so our products are very effective and lasting that fits the most specific exploitation conditions.

Apart from quality guaranty, wide assortment and exclusive projects, Liberator offers its clients the most convenient service. You can make your order and receive professional consultation regardless your place of residence, since Liberator operates across the whole Ukraine.