About us


We are the Ukrainian manufacturer of innovative pellet boilers and burners. Our production site is located in Dnipro and covers the area of 15 000 sq. m.


Our mission is to free you from wasting too much money on gas heating and help you save the time you lose on maintaining solid fuel boilers. You will surely appreciate the advantages of our pellet boilers. Moreover, we do take care of environment, since pellets are ecofriendly.




The products of Liberator are developed by our own design bureau, in particular, designing of equipment and software.

We are always there


Our wide product range is represented with 15-4000 kW varieties designed to meet both domestic and industrial demands of any kind. Besides, all necessary components for our products are always in stock. Owing to certified service centers in all regions of Ukraine and professional specialists, who have undergone personal training on how to maintain Liberator products, you can always get our professional assistance.


Alternative heating modular boiler houses LIBERATOR MODUL 10.07.2017

  Прочитайте статью на медиа-ресурсе Air Water Therm о переходе на отопление модульными котельными LIBERATOR MODUL на примере реализованного объекта. В статье…

LIBERATOR – official partner of FC “Karpaty” 16.11.2016

Компания LIBERATOR стала официальным партнером футбольного кулуба ФК “Карпаты”. Теперь во время каждого домашнего матча команды на стадионе Арена Львов, LIBERATOR с…

Our products with IQ Energy programm 16.11.2016

Рады сообщить, что мы являемся официальным партнером программы IQ Energy. В рамках этой программы Европейский банк реконструкции и развития финансирует…