Advantages of LIBERATOR boilers:


  • Save up to 68% on heating comparing to other types of fuel;
  • High efficiency factor – up to 93%;
  • Automatic pellets supply;
  • Effective work on wood pellets and agro pellets from sunflower peelings;
  • The compact size and stylish design;
  • Warranty service and support all over Ukraine;
  • Opportunity to equip the boiler with the smooth pellet supply automated system (pneumatic transport) and GSM - module for remote boiler control;
  • Our products registered in the program IQ Energy (compensation of 35% of the cost);
automatic pellet boilers LIBERATOR

Model row


Intellectual system of boiler control

Control the boiler by pressing a single button. You just need to select necessary temperature of a heat carrier and press “start”

Innovative burner with the mechanical activation of the fuel layer option

Innovative burner with the mechanical activation of the fuel layer option allows using wood pellets and agro pellet from sunflower peelings

Boiler control system

Basic boiler completeness includes boiler control system

Heat exchanger made of boiler steel of high quality

Innovative heat exchanger made of boiler steel of high quality

Mechanical purification system

Automatic mechanical purification system of heat-exchange surface with turbulizers

Exploitation safety

Exploitation safety due to constant discharging regardless the smoke pipe draft


Pellet boilers


Automatic boilers operating on pellets


Not that long ago appeared at the Ukrainian market of heating equipment, the pellet boilers have already gained a huge popularity. Unlike other solid fuel aggregates, they are almost fully automated, energy efficient and ecofriendly. If you follow exploitation requirements, such boiler can serve you for many years.

Contemporary conditions are not always suitable for using heating systems, operating on gas and electricity due to high cost or because of gas mainstream absence. In such cases using pellets as fuel is commercially efficient for both entrepreneurs in search of less expensive means of heating arrangement for different premises and owners of private houses, summerhouses and cottages, who have challenges with mainstream energy supply arrangement and want to optimize a family budget. Pellets are pressed granules made of wood, turf and other agricultural combustible wastes without gluing connectors that makes them maximally ecofriendly.

Automatic pellet boilers are also an alternative to simple solid fuel aggregates, which require filling with fuel several times a day.

LIBERATOR offers you to get acquainted with its own products. The most popular goods are our automatic pellet boilers due to their following advantages:

  • Pellet boilers are commercially efficient (savings from 30 to 70% comparing to gas).
  • Safety. Installation doesn’t require approval of local authorities.
  • Heating boiler on pellets will ensure heating independently of one or another mainstream energy system.
  • Pellet burners ensure high efficiency factor, thus, this boiler can be compared with the gas one, which efficiency factor constitutes to 95%.
  • Unlike other types of solid fuel boilers, pellet supply to the burner and heat carrier temperature are controlled automatically.
  • Pellets delivery and storage are much easier than these of any other type of fuel, and they are prepared for usage.
  • The boiler with automatic fuel supply and mechanical purification system does not require much attention and efforts.
  • The equipment is compact, with double soundproof system and stylish design, so it will perfectly fit living space.

In particular, easiness in maintenance and environmental friendliness are the advantages of our products that should be highlighted. The first advantage is determined with maximal automation – you select the heating temperature, press “Start” and fill a storage bunker with granules. These boilers are considered ecofriendly, because they operate on natural fuel, which does not harm environment and pollute atmosphere with toxic substances during burning.

How to buy a pellet boiler

You can quickly choose and buy our pellet boilers in Kyiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Lviv and all other cities of Ukraine. Please, consider our website that shows pellet boilers of Ukrainian production, their actual prices and pictures. You can order our production by phone or personally.

Pay your attention that ТМ LIBERATOR sells industrial pellet boilers of huge volume and capacity as well as domestic models for private houses, cottages and summerhouses.

Call us, get consultation, make a purchase and live with comfort!