Advantages of automatic LIBERATOR POWER pellet burners:

  • Fully automatic process of pellet burning
  • No dependence on gas supply
  • Significant savings of storage spaces and human labor for maintenance
  • Fewer number of operations is required for equipment maintenance
automatic LIBERATOR POWER pellet burners

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Pellet burners
Pellet burners by ТМ LIBERATOR are designed for burning different sorts of pellets and heating living areas, storage spaces and production facilities. Installation of a pellet burning allows:
  • making the process of burning fully automated;
  • increasing efficiency factor of the heating equipment;
  • cutting the number of operations for heating equipment maintenance;
Полная автоматизация
Compactability, easy assembling and maintenance.
Pellet burners can be installed on any boiler without substituting the system itself. Usage of pellets will help you to avoid daily cleaning of the boiler. Besides, it will help you:
  • to ensure high economical operation rate of the heating equipment;
  • to exclude emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere;
  • to provide high level of safety and comfort;
  • to significantly cut using of storage spaces.
Pellet burners of ТМ LIBERATOR are adapted to the Ukrainian, Moldavian, Russian and Belarusian pellet. The pellet of Ukrainian production significantly differs from the European soft pellet of DIN+ class in terms of ash content, quality and impurity level. The pellet burners by European manufacturers can operate on qualitative European pellet exclusively. To make our device operate on low-quality pellets, available in Ukraine, our engineers have advanced the construction of both the burner and pellet feeder assembly from a storage bunker. Pellet burners of ТМ LIBERATOR are undemanding towards the quality of fuel, and we have no severe requirements to the pellet. Automatic pellet burners by ТМ LIBERATOR can burn efficiently any pellet, including that of low quality.
Technological advantages
  • the construction of our devices outlines their simple integration with any pellet or solid fuel boiler. Thus, by buying our products you will get a set of automatic devices for the boiler’s full automation;
  • automated system of mechanical ash removal from the burning area (instead of blowing that applies for foreign analogues);
  • lower price comparing to the cost of imported corresponding equipment

Pellet burners

Pellet burners

LIBERATOR pellet burners are unique heat producing devices for modernization of solid fuel, gas and liquid-fuel boilers used for heating homes, industrial sites (workshop premises, service stations, warehouses, hotels) and municipal buildings (schools, kindergartens, office centers). They operate on any type of pellets made of firewood, wooden wastes or sunflower shuck. Pellets are supplied automatically from a bunker with a worm.

Low-power (domestic) LIBERATOR burners can apply with your installed boilers. Modernization of gas boilers by means of this device will help you save a lot of money (from 30 to 70% depending on the quality of pellets). If you have a solid fuel boiler installed, the integration of a LIBERATOR burner will provide you with the following advantages: no constant manual uploading firewood into the firebox; more time for another business due to the automatic pellet supply; saving fuel due to the automatic regulation of the determined temperature. Since pellets are stocked in standard packages with fixed weight, you can be sure that the weight of delivered pellets absolutely corresponds to your order. Thanks to LIBERATOR pellet burners, you shall not buy a new boiler and invest significant amounts in the reconfiguration of a boiler house. The modernization of an installed boiler requires minimal investments, since our device is compatible with any type of boilers.

We also offer high-power pellet burners (up to 4000 kW) for industrial sites. Using pellet LIBERATOR burners you will save you more than 50%. It is confirmed by the experience of their usage in office centers, bakeries, pastry shops, greenhouses and on other sites.

Ukrainian pellet burners by LIBERATOR – reasonable prices and universality

Our engineers have advanced the burners to adapt them to Ukrainian, Russian, Moldavian and Belarusian fuel pellets of low quality. Modernization covered the construction of the burner itself as well as pellet feeder assembly from a storage bunker. Thus, unlike the European equipment that operates only on DIN+ class pellets, automatic burners by ТМ LIBERATOR are fit for fuel of low quality (either wood wastes, or agro pellets) available in Ukraine.

Moreover, our devices are universal in term of easy integration with any boiler, whether it operates on gas or solid fuel. However, the heating system itself does not require modification or reconstruction.

Are you interested in our equipment? Do you have any questions? Please, contact us then! Our managers will provide you with any consultations about our goods and will help you to make an order.