What are pellets?
Fuel granules or pellets are ecofriendly biofuels made of turf, wood and agricultural wastes. Click here to learn more.
What pellets are appropriate for LIBERATOR boilers?
LIBERATOR boilers operate on pellets and agro pellets (with the exception of straw pellets). Click here to download more information.
Where pellets are sold?
We collaborate with the Ukrainian largest producers of pellets and will help you to purchase pellets. Leave your question at the website or get in touch with us so that our specialist could help you choose and purchase pellets.
What are the storage conditions for pellets?
Pellets must be stored in dry ventilated premises in bags with large polyethylene liners. Bags with pellets should be placed on plates. If stored outside, bags must be protected from moisture and direct sunlight.
How to choose a boiler?
If you don’t know what kind of boiler you need, use the specially designed calculator. Or simply get in touch with us, and we will help you choose an appropriate one.
Operation time of the boiler with one filling.
Depending on the boiler’s capacity, heated area, quality of pellets and set temperature the boiler can operate on one filling up to 72 hours. Besides, this time span can be extended up to 1 month with the help of the fuel supply pneumatic system.
Can I use other kinds of fuel except the listed in recommendations (for example, fabric, paper, etc.)?
Pellet boilers and burners operate only on pellets. Solid fuel boilers allow consumers to use any kind of solid fuel, but for a long-term operation of the boiler we recommend to use fuel specified in recommendations.
Upon transfer of the equipment to a different fuel type and quality, additional settings, which are carried out by a service technician of “Liberator” for a fee.
What should I do if I lost the passport for my boiler?
Just download the passport for your boilerhere.
How can I open a representation office or become a dealer?
Apply in the «Contacts» and our managers will contact you.
What permissions are necessary to install a boiler?
No permission is necessary to install a boiler in your boiler room. If the capacity of your boiler is over 100 kW, it has to be placed in a boiler room designed in compliance with DBN (State Building Standards) of Ukraine В.2.5 — 77:2014 Boiler rooms.
What technical demands a chimney has to meet?
The cross-section of a chimney must be no narrower than the cross section of the connection pipe of the boiler’s chimney. Smoke channels and smoke pipes have to be made of fire-proof and heat-resistant materials. Connecting your boiler to the existing chimney, make sure that foreign objects and combustion products are removed from your chimney, the draft is enough and it is deprived of narrow places.
Who will install and set the boiler into action?
Certified specialists of our service center.
Where can I buy a boiler in my city?
LIBERATOR delivers boilers to all regions of Ukraine. We also have a large network of dealers in all regions.
Can the boiler operate without electricity?
No. Connection to a power supply point is necessary. For domestic boilers (capacity up to 100 kW) 220V is required; for industrial boilers (capacity over 100 Kw) 380 V is required.
How much electric energy does the boiler consume to operate?
The maximum electricity consumption of the boiler (at the moment of ignition) is 320 W.
What happens if operation of the boiler is interrupted with the power failure?
The boiler will stop consuming fuel and switch to the attenuation mode. When power is restored, the boiler will continue operating at the set temperature automatically.
What temperature is recommended for an operation of the boiler?
Any temperature available within the boiler working diapason.