What are pellets?
What pellets are appropriate for LIBERATOR boilers?
Where pellets are sold?
What are the storage conditions for pellets?
How to choose a boiler?
Operation time of the boiler with one filling.
Can I use other kinds of fuel except the listed in recommendations (for example, fabric, paper, etc.)?
What should I do if I lost the passport for my boiler?
How can I open a representation office or become a dealer?
What permissions are necessary to install a boiler?
What technical demands a chimney has to meet?
Who will install and set the boiler into action?
Where can I buy a boiler in my city?
Can the boiler operate without electricity?
How much electric energy does the boiler consume to operate?
What happens if operation of the boiler is interrupted with the power failure?
What temperature is recommended for an operation of the boiler?