Advantages of multi-fuel LIBERATOR MULTI boilers:

  • Automatic operation on a pellet with efficiency factor up to 93% + saving on maintenance
  • Innovative 3-stage heat exchange hybrid system
  • "Economical" mode (for the industrial and offices, during long-term days-off, vacations, etc.)
  • Easy switching between operation modes (pellet, wood fuel, coal)
  • Security – Boiler operates in terms of constant discharging and without reverse draft
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Stylish design
Multifuel boilers LIBERATOR MUlTI

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Combined Boilers

Pros of universal boilers

The choice of a heating boiler is mainly based on availability of fuel applied and its price. If you are not eager to pay rocketing gas prices and don’t want to become dependent on one type of fuel, then decide to purchase the universal LIBERATOR MULTI fuel boiler.

Alike, when there are a number of reasons for not using mainstream gas and remote districts may face disruption of supplies of a single type of fuel, you can solve these problems by choosing a universal LIBERATOR MULTI heating boiler.

Universal “five-in-one” heating boilers by LIBERATOR are capable, technically equipped automated devices. Apart from heating homes and industrial premises, this universal this universal boiler combines the advantages of the traditional solid fuel aggregate and has its own individual feature – it automatically burns fuel. This feature outlines its price.

Universal boilers for heating homes and industrial premises by ТМ LIBERATOR combine the advantages of a traditional solid fuel (coal, firewood, woodchip, briquettes) aggregate and have their own individual feature – burning the pellets in automatic mode.

LIBERATOR MULTI boiler operation in automatic mode on pellets has a number of advantages:

  • Pellets supply to the burner and the temperature of a heat carrier are maintained automatically unlike other types of solid fuel boilers. It reduces the necessity to maintain and constantly fill firewood several times a day.
  • Automatic regulation of the determined temperature allows saving fuel, especially on holidays and days off, when it is necessary to limit temperature, when there are no people at the office or you are on vacation. LIBERATOR MULTI boiler will effectively save your money.
  • Automatic pellets supply ensures independence of its owner’s heat system from mainstream energy systems. It is especially important while evaluating costs for registration of documentation and home gas delivery.
  • Pellet burners ensure high efficiency factor of boiler operation that can reaches 93%.
  • Pellets delivery and storage is much easier than any other fuel type, and they are ready for usage. In addition, you can accurately check the weight of purchased pellets, since they are delivered in standard packages of 15 kg and more. Unfortunately, it is impossible to check the precise weight of coal and firewood at home, so you risk to overpay your money for this fuel.
  • Whether required, you can easily switch an operating mode, for example, “coal boiler with automatic supply” to operation on pellets or any other mode.

  • Is a combined solid fuel heating boiler worth buying?

    Gas proved to be an unreliable and expensive source. But do you really need some alternative combined multi-fuel boilers to heat your living space, office or industrial enterprise or do you prefer any other type of boilers?

    If you face some difficulties with choosing a type of equipment, the easiest way is to choose an aggregate operating on the most available and cheap type of fuel. If you want to use a wider range of fuels, choose a combined (universal) heating boiler operating either on pellets of low quality, or on coal, firewood, woodchip or briquettes. An opportunity to use different types of fuel will allow you to choose the most economically efficient and effective one. In case you have no opportunity to buy some type of fuel, you will be able to substitute it with another one without additional efforts and expenses.

    Thus, combined heating boilers will be the best guarantee of your comfort and coziness. Call us if you are interested in our products. Our managers will select the most efficient model, and our specialists will provide installation, adjustment and system activation.