The products manufactured by TM LIBERATOR are intended for supplying enterprises and blocks of flats with heat and hot water, generation of heat in technological processes on site as well as automation and maximum efficiency of these processes.

Our company is not afraid to challenge such tasks as cutting exploitation costs, saving energy and caring about environment. It can offer you innovative and energy efficient equipment to solve these problems.


Heating boilers


Domestic and industrial heating boilers made in Ukraine


Considering the cost of energy carriers, especially gas and electricity tariffs growth, solid fuel boilers turned out to be the most economically efficient for heating premises. There is a wide range of boilers, including heating ones for homes operating on firewood and coal. They extract heat energy from available and cheap solid fuel (firewood, coal, and pellets), substituting the use of expensive heat carriers, such as gas, electricity and refined products. It is quite easy to buy a solid fuel boiler in Ukraine. Most models are adapted for various types of solid fuel, and our specialists will help you to select an appropriate model. LIBERATOR products will make you independent of gas, allow you to save money on heating and are ecofriendly.


Industrial boilers from the product line of Ukrainian production company LIBERATOR have the same advantages. These boilers are intended for heating industrial sites, buildings, sports and cultural facilities. They supply premises with heat and hot water, generate heat in technological processes on site, make these processes maximally automated and efficient.


How much does the heating boiler operating on firewood and other solid fuel cost?


Ukraine has set the course for reducing gas consumption since 2014. Getting prepared for a new heating season, take measures to reduce natural gas consumption and modify boiler rooms for them to shift these boilers to an alternative type of fuel. The state credit program for using non-gas aggregates by consumers is launched in Ukraine.

The purchase of solid fuel boiler is economically efficient way to switch it to the alternative cheaper fuel.


What boiler to choose?


As the specialists of the manufacturing company, we understand that high-quality reliable and intelligent technics costs dozens of thousands UAH. Is this too much?

In most cases, only companies, occupying the leading position at the heating technics market, produce automatic steel models. All their products are manufactured on the expensive equipment, meet the quality standards and have multiple protection levels in the process of exploitation. It will guarantee qualitative and secure products and savings on heating and maintenance in comparison with cheap boilers.

If you purchase a simple and cheap boiler, you are at risk to suffer non-planned losses in a while, since due to its low efficiency factor it requires more fuel, and it is common that such equipment has a short service life. Besides, their safety level is also much lower. Please, while choosing a solid fuel boiler, consider such an important factor as the risk of trauma or burn and the level of security.

ЧTo rid you of such emergencies and provide Ukrainian market with really high-quality products, our engineers have developed innovative energy efficient heating boilers operating on pellets, solid fuel and fully automated combined boilers.

How will they pay off their cost?

They cut exploitation costs, have efficiency factor up to 93%, save energy and do not produce harmful toxic emissions.

Are you interested in such equipment? Then call us! We will provide you with a detailed consultation, to meet your individual demands.