• Semi-automatic regulation of capacity
  • Different types of solid fuel (firewood, briquettes, coal, woodchip, shuck, etc.)
  • Incoming air innovative control system
  • Innovative 3-stage hybrid heat exchange system
  • Stylish design
  • High efficiency factor – up to 87%

solid fuel boiler LIBERATOR

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Solid fuel boilers

Critical ecological state of environment, lack of energy resources and their high price make us ponder on wiser heating systems. Alternatives include the usage of solid fuel boilers, operating on renewable, ecofriendly and consumer oriented biofuel – pellets. Due to the efforts of engineers, modern boilers are characterized with multiple functionality and high productivity – their efficiency factor amounts to 93%, that is several times more than the same figures of boilers of old design.

Solid fuel boilers, operating on firewood, pellets, coal and other types of cheap fuel, meet both home and industrial needs. One of their advantages is maintenance simplicity. Aggregates of new generation do not require constant attention: the devises with automatic fuel supply can operate three to five days (with an additional equipment – up to one month), providing efficient heating of big space. Numerous tests and consumers’ testimonials confirm that this type of heating systems is paid off in several seasons. As the result, even the most expensive device will appear to be cheaper than electric or gas heating systems.

Where to buy a solid fuel boiler in Kyiv?

Ukrainian heating systems market is oversaturated. Today you can find a dozen of firms offering all sorts of boiler modifications wholesale and retail. Liberator is one of few companies that directly produces heating aggregates instead of just their delivery and sale. Unlike our colleagues, we have our own plant capacity and the staff of experienced engineers, who guarantee the full quality control of products and following the production process.

You can buy our solid fuel boilers anywhere in Ukraine. Our dealer network operates in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Chernihiv, Kirovohrad, Odesa, Rivne, Lviv, Zhytomyr and other cities. Ask our consultants to make a right choice and avoid unwise expenses.

What are the advantages of solid fuel boilers of the Ukrainian production?

When you select a boiler, it is important to consider not only technical characteristics of a device, but also its producer. Though it is difficult to compete with European producers, consumer shall not refuse of domestic products. It is not just the lower price of the Ukrainian solid fuel boilers, since it does not include customs and transportation expenses. For instance, heating systems by Liberator are great for non-standard exploitation. Our solid fuel boilers are resistant to regular voltage drop and the use of raw materials of low quality. That is why they are more reliable than their European analogs, which are designed for the ideal exploitation conditions exclusively. And due to the constant availability of components, we can provide their smooth maintenance.