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Now, however, Grindr has another problem on its hands. 42% of loads for this page have a typical (1s. When content is removed following the filing of a DMCA notice, the goal of this note (in this instance an individual called ‘tomlandia’) has the right to issue a DMCA counter-notice. 14% of loads for this page have a slow (>2.5s) First Contentful Paint (FCP) This can be a challenge to this statement of truth in the initial notice and will often point out there.

7% of loads for this page have a typical (50ms. In its initial complaint, Grindr asserted that Fuckr "facilitates unauthorized access into the Grindr app by circumventing Grindr’s access controllers," adding that the applications has been mostly made with the aim of "circumventing a technological measure that effectively controls access to a job " protected under the Copyright Act. All pages served in this source have an SLOW speed compared to other pages from the Chrome User Experience Report.

At a DMCA counter-notice registered this week, ‘tomlandia’ argues that Grindr’s claims are false. Over the previous 30 days.To view suggestions tailored to each page, examine individual page URLs. After verifying that he is indeed the founder of Fuckr, the Github user offers a short rejection of this dating app’s copyright complaint. . 42% of loads for this page have a typical (1s. "Fuckr does not bypass any technical access control mechanism and does not access any work copyrighted by Grindr LLC," the note reads.

14% of loads for this page have a slow (>2.5s) First Contentful Paint (FCP) "I swear, under penalty of perjury, I have a good-faith belief that the material was removed or disabled as a result of a mistake or misidentification of the material to be disabled or removed. " 7% of loads for this page have a typical 50ms. While DMCA fap titans login takedown notices themselves can be filed at will with almost no consequences if they’re incorrect, DMCA counter-notices open up a can of worms for people who file themas Github explains. 3% of loads for this page have a slow (>250ms) First Input Delay (FID) "Submitting a DMCA counter note can have actual legal consequences. This is what the load of the site looked like. "You ought to conduct a thorough investigation into the allegations made in the takedown notice and probably talk to a lawyer before submitting a counter notice. " 1,500 DOM components. Github explains that copyright problems can prove complex, highlighting the very reason given by Grindr for carrying Fuckr down. The sweet spot is really a tree thickness. "Sometimes a takedown notice might allege breach in a way that appears strange or indirect.

Your page has 2 redirects. Copyright laws are complex and may lead to some unexpected results," Github notes. Redirects introduce extra delays before the page could be loaded. "In some cases a takedown notice might allege that your source code uttered because of what it could do after it’s compiled and run. Avoid landing page redirects for the following string of redirected URLs.

For example: The note may claim that your applications is used to bypass access controls to copyrighted works. " ?t=20743&a p :// > While the argument over whether that really is how it is with Fuckr probably lies with attorneys and ultimately the Court, the counter-notice from ‘tomlandia’ currently sets in motion a process where Grindr will have to put up or shut up. Your page has 1 blocking script tools and 2 blocking CSS resources. For another 10 to 14 days, Github will continue to keep the Fuckr repository down and in the event the firm doesn’t hear anything from Grindr during this period of time, the repository will go back up. This induces a delay in rendering your page. However, if Grindr considers its claim is legitimate, it will be made to take swift legal action against ‘tomlandia’ to make sure Github doesn’t reactivate the repo. None of the above-the-fold content on your page could be left without needing the next tools to load. If ‘tomlandia’ is in the United States, his counter-notice states that he consents for legal actions to proceed in the "authority of Federal District Court for the judicial district where his speech is located" or the Northern District of California where GitHub is located.

Attempt to defer or asynchronously load blocking tools, or inline the Essential elements of these resources directly in the HTML.Remove render-blocking JavaScript: Only time will tell where the battle, if one is to occur, will be fought. :// Optimize CSS Delivery of the following: Setting an expiry date or a maximum age in the HTTP headers for static resources instructs the browser to load previously downloaded tools from local disk rather than within the network. Of the many dating sites out there, BeNaughty Australia provides an enjoyable, safe and sexy environment to search and locate new people and new adventures. Leverage browser caching to your next cacheable sources: With tens of thousands of members online, your search is concentrated more on discovering new people in your area rather than on specific criteria. Use the site for a short term hookup or to get something a bit more serious.

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